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Link to view your licence in full and access you licence share code:

From 8th June 2015 the paper counterpart previously issued with the driving licence card, is no longer being issued by the DVLA, and is also no longer valid

The government has launched their ‘view driving licence’ service, which allows licence holders to view their licence and share that information with third parties, including car hire companies

The website link for the licence viewer is

The licence holder will need:
• Driving licence number
• National insurance number
• Postcode

Once the details have been retrieved, a licence holder can request to share that information, and will be provided with a code, which they need to give to the hire firm.

The hire firm will need to use the following:
• The driving licence number
• The code provided by the licence holder

The licence details including points, convictions and driving restrictions can then be confirmed.

It’s a criminal offence to obtain someone else’s personal information without their permission.

Hirers have been advised when a booking is made that the DVLA code is required, please follow the above instructions to access a code, as we can not hire without your current counterpart being provided for the insurance company.

All prices include VAT and insurance cover for driver. Insurance cover for additional drivers at a cost of £5.00 per day.

The insurance excess is £600.00/£750.00.

All monies are payable at the start of hire. (Rental charge + deposit of £200.00) The deposit MUST be paid by debit or credit card.

Hire charges can be cash, debit or credit card.