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Subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement, The Lessor will rent to The Hirer(s) and The Hirer(s) will take on the rental of the said vehicle (hereafter called The vehicle) stated on the hire form.

1. All hire charges and deposits are payable at commencement of the hire period.

2. The Hirer will return The Vehicle intact with all tools, tyres, accessories and equipment as supplied and in the same condition (normal wear and tear excepted) when received, to the address and date stated on the hire form, or earlier if requested by The Lessor. The Vehicle will not be used in any way unreasonable or manner (as described in 3 below).

3. The vehicle use is strictly forbidden for:-
a) Travel outside U.K. Mainland.
b) Carriage of personnel for hire and reward.
c) Any known unlawful purposes.
d) Towing any other vehicles or trailers.
e) Any person who has within three years had any motoring offence convictions unless disclosed and agreed by The Lessor.
f) Weight overloaded greater than specified.
g) Any Person, having given a false declaration.
h) Any driving personnel other than The Hirer or his named agent on the hire form.
i) Personnel not holding a current valid driving licence for not less than 24 months.
j) Personnel under 23 or over 69 years of age.

4. Whilst all vehicles are properly maintained to reasonable standard of safety and reliability The Lessor will not accept liability for delays, consequential loss of inconvenience caused through mechanical breakdown or accidental damage.

5. The hirer agrees to pay on demand to The Lessor:
a) Any fines or court costs arising out of parking, traffic or other offences incurred against The Vehicle by The Hirer during the term of hire.
b) Costs (including legal costs) incurred for collection or accounts due from The Hirer.
c) Gross misuse or negligence of The Vehicle, tyres or its accessories (outside normal wear and tear) will be chargeable by the full costs of replacements or repairs. At the discretion of The Lessor however, and providing the Terms and Conditions have been fully met, costs for damages and repairs to The Vehicle may not exceed £600. Drivers aged under 25 are subject to an additional £300 on the above stated figures.

6. The Hirer will by request of and at the cost of The Lessor agree to do and permit to be done in his name or by his appointed agents, any acts or things as considered reasonably right, necessary or essential required by The Lessor for the purposes of securing any rights, remedies or indemnity from other parties concerning damages or losses incurred with The Vehicle during the period of hire. The Lessor will undertake to adjust with The Hirer any payments recovered from such parties against any outstanding liability from The Hirer to The Lessor.

7. The Hirer should in the event of mechanical breakdown, contact the breakdown recovery service shown on the information card, quoting full registration number the vehicle concerned. The Hirer has no authority to carry out or authorize repairs or replacements to The Vehicle unless agreed by The Lessor.

8. The Lessor shall be indemnified by The Hirer from any liability arising out of any property (personal or other wise which has been placed on or in The Vehicle during the time of hire.

9. The Hirer will not under any circumstances attempt to sell, dispose of, mortgage or promise The Vehicle, tools or ancillary equipment, or parts, or in any manner prejudicial to The Lessors rightful ownership. The Hirer will not allow tools or equipment on to The Vehicle for purposes or removing, altering or replacing any parts theron other than for repairs authorized by The Lessor. The agreement shall be determined that if any receiving order is made against The Hirer, or compulsory / voluntary liquidation in the case of a Company or if a creditors meeting is called, or any demand is levied upon his goods, or if The Hirer does not perform or observe all the conditions contained herein all this shall not affect The Lessors existing rights for damage or otherwise, Furthermore in all such events The Hirer will immediately return The Vehicle to The Lessor, when if failing so to do, The Lessor, will consider it his rightful obligation to re-possess The Vehicle, and for such purposes The Lessor, his servants or agents may without notice enter upon the premises where The Vehicle is believed to be, and all costs incurred for recovery of The Vehicle shall on demand be repaid by the The Hirer to The Lessor.

10. The Vehicle is insured to comply with the requirements of the Road Traffic Act including passenger liability and The Hirer is a participator under the Terms and Conditions of The Insurance Policy during the period of hire, and must therefore agree to abide by the following rules in the event of accidents or losses or damages.
a) To ensure that all names, addresses, insurance particulars etc. of any party involved, including witnesses are fully exchanged.
b) Not to admit any liability whatsoever.
c) No to abandon The Vehicle without having secured or taken normal safeguarding precautions to protect same from damage or theft.
d) To notify The Lessor by telephone as soon as possible after any occurrence.
e) To notify Police in the case of injuries or establishing the guilt of any party involved.

11. In the interests of all customers, The Hirer agrees to return The Vehicle promptly at the expiry of the hire period. Also, The Vehicle having been hired out in a clean and tidy condition is expected to be returned in a similar condition. Failure to comply with both these conditions may (at the discretion of The Lessor) incur excess charges.

12. Any alteration whatsoever to the terms and conditions of this agreement shall be unresolved unless written agreement is reached between The Hirer and The Lessor.

Extension of Rental:-Customers who wish to extend their rental beyond the agreed period of hire, should immediately advise the office of their intention to do so, and the extended hire should be paid for as soon as possible, otherwise The Hirer may find that he is driving without insurance cover.

Availability of Vehicles:- Whilst every effort is made to supply customers with the type of vehicle originally specified, it may be necessary on occasions to substitute a different one. In the event of a substitution, charges will not be any higher than the hire rate of the vehicle originally ordered, and in some instances could in fact be lower.

Please Note:- Our vehicles are not covered by insurance for travel abroad outside U.K. Mainland.